Current repertoire

My current repertoire is a selection of old and new; from the earliest, written in 1980's, to the most recent, between May 2016 and March 2018.

My inspiration as a composer is Graham Collier OBE (1937 - 2011). His album 'Songs For My Father' gave me a wonderful introduction to his music. Subsequently, I studied his approach to composition in his scores and books.

The resonance for me was his aim to provide an opportunity for the musicians to make choices, allowing each performance to be unique.

Therefore, when playing music from my own collection, each musician is asked to choose a rôle for each tune, after discussion between the Periscope Ensemble.
Pic by Alex Tabrini

*   play/embellish melody
*   improvise harmony part
*   solo behind melody
*   play fills
*   use dynamics
*   add humour and theatre

*   stop playing.

Artwork above and words below by Victoria Evangeline O'Shea

"Album Cover designed and painted for a beautiful person and very talented musician, Robert Perry.

The brief was Power. I created a scribble while feeling all things powerful and listening to Perry's music and once I felt I had scribbled enough I had a look at it and saw this image. I then brought it out with water colours.

Perry has been an amazing guide for my Art and personal growth for years now and I'm so greatful to have him as a friend.

Thank you Perry"