Whether you’re looking for an exciting experimental soundscape, deep in layers or a themed melody, rich with culture; Robert Perry brings a spot of spontaneity, rhythm & heart into his music... Laura Attwood, Brick Door Theatre Company Ltd

"A reliable and creative anchor for the ensemble." Eve Loiseau

Bassist for original Piaf - the Songs theatre show with Fiona Barrow and Eddie Jay.

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Lollipop Lounge
Burlesque Band - Bassist and MD for jazz quintet with singer and sax front-line playing the American and French songbooks.

Insomnia Poems - A collaboration of music and poetry recorded at Pinewood studios for BBC Radio 3 - Jazz on 3 series - with Jez Nelson. Specially commissioned by the BBC, this brought together American Beat poet Steve Dalachinsky, Soundscape artist Mike Cross, Saxophonist Chris Cundy, vocalist Evelyne Beech (stage name, Eve Loiseau) under the musical direction of composer Peter M Wyer. This was first aired on BBC radio 3 in 2009.
("One of the most extraordinary sessions we have ever had." Jez Nelson)

Visions 5 multi-media events at Meantime Studios, Cheltenham, including music, film, storytelling and poetry.

A commission for the Mystery Plays of Gloucestershire - a well-known concept around the world which tells the story from the beginning of the world, the birth and death of Jesus and the path of damnation. With a cast of 50 and just 4 musicians, the brief was a flavour of Middle Eastern music which provided a variety of moods, textures and colours to support the action on stage.

"The challenge was that each piece could be no longer than 1.5 minutes and had to cover all the expressions of sadness, celebration, impending doom, revelation and so on.

The brief also included a choral works based on the 5 parts of the mass.

Mystery Music download available here...

An Interrogation of prayer

A poem for three readers, by Anna Saunders, with soundtrack by Robert.

Cremenville with Pete M Wyer. An immersive, labyrinth fable of theatre, video, sound design, operatic & folk singing and a virtuoso band.

Door Poems (#1-7) text by Steve Dalachinsky  music by Robert for soprano, Wendy Nieper and piano Lee Axford. The recording has Steve read his poem through followed by Roberts musical interpretation with soprano and piano. Download available here.


Robert carries his enthusiasm for the skills of playing, technique and performing to adults and private students as a teacher of bass and guitar.

"My teaching is more than just about increasing knowledge of music and instruments. It is helping to inspire and build confidence in the children. For many adults too, these new skills have helped build strong self-awareness and self-confidence and new ambitions."

For his students Robert wants a simple outcome - that they remain passionate about music. He is adamant that a teacher should empower the student with the tools to work out musical problems for themselves rather than be spoon fed or taught short cuts without the necessary underpinning knowledge or understanding.