Whether you’re looking for an exciting experimental soundscape, deep in layers or a themed melody, rich with culture; Robert Perry brings a spot of spontaneity, rhythm & heart into his music... Laura Attwood, Brick Door Theatre Company Ltd

"A reliable and creative anchor for the ensemble." Eve Loiseau

Bass player

I had the great pleasure of playing string bass with the highly talented Eve Loiseau
(left) in the early days of her debut touring shows of 'Piaf The Songs'. Eve has given recitals in the UK, New York and France and continues to tour in the UK and Europe, constantly growing in strength and popularity.


"...a fantastic voyage of discovery for myself and the choir and one which we are very much looking forward to repeating..." Stephen Shellard, Choir Director, Worcester Cathedral

In 2013, I was commissioned by Gloucester Cathedral, with a brief to write vibrant and imaginative music for The Gloucester Mystery Plays. The result was over 30 pieces, combining Middle Eastern characteristics and folk rhythms with Latin texts, which were performed in Gloucester and Worcester Cathedrals.

All the instrumental and choral works had a linear style using themes based around a scale with the harmonies driven by melodic momentum .

Each instrument or voice was of equal importance; none taking precedence over another, no single part allowed to dominate.